In the north of Lake Garda, in the province of Trento, you can visit Drena and its castle ruin.

The small village of Drena, which dominates the tributary valley of the River Sarca, dates back to prehistoric times. It experienced its heyday in the Middle Ages, when the castello di difesa (defensive castle) was built. Up to this day, this castle is the emblem of the town.

From Drena you can easily explore the Marocche cairns, regarded to be the biggest landslide area in the Alps. The huge boulders broke away several hundred thousands years ago from Mount Brento, which is located just above the valley. Nowadays Marocche is a habitat and due to its ideal microclimate, various animal and plant species migrate here.

Drena also boasts an outdoor sculpture park.

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38074, Drena, TN

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