The town of Garda, whose name derives from warda (guardia = guard; vedetta = lookout), prides itself in having given its name to the lake of the same name in the 12th century – in antiquity known as “Benacus”.
Garda is situated in a bay which is dominated by the Rocca di Garda. The latter harbours an interesting residential neighbourhood with the remains of an ancient fortress, old houses, archs, narrow streets and squares.

Fishing is still an important economic factor and lives on through spectacular events such as the “Sardellata al Pal del Vò” (anchovy festival), which takes place in July during full moon.

The surrounding area boasts lush vegetation, with beautiful hiking and biking trails. The top of the surrounding mountains allow for a magnificent view on the entire lake.

Sights: Mount Luppia, the Palazzo dei Capitani, the Palazzo Carlotti, the palazzo Fregoso, the hermitage San Giorgio, the parish church, headland Punta San Vigilio and the archaeological project “Queen Adelaide”.
Sport: horse riding, mountain biking, sailing, tennis, golf, hiking, water skiing and fishing.

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37016, Garda, VR

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