The Forra Road

The Forra Road

Via Benaco, 25010, Tremosine, BS


The Forra Road is located in the Brescia part of Lake Garda, on the Lombard side. It connects Pieve – small fraction of Tremosine– to the port and is considered one of the most beautiful roads in the world. Even Winston Churchill praised its splendour, coming to consider it the eighth wonder of the world. 

It is no coincidence that James Bond, in the film Quantum of Solace, launched his Aston Martin at full speed along this breathtaking route. 

The road was built in 1913 on the initiative of the priest of Vesio with the only practical intent to connect Pieve, a village perched on the heights surrounding the Lake Garda, to the lakeshore, allowing the local population to reach more easily the major communication routes. 
It was so until 1931, when the Western Gardesana was inaugurated, which attracted many tourists into the area to enjoy the beauty of this fascinating street.

The Forra road is a bit more than 5 km long and stretches along the mountain, partly using the riverbed carved by the Brosa stream. It is a very suggestive path, literally embedded in the rock, where at times it is difficult to see the sky, with the road closed on both sides by very high rock walls. 

Usually you visit it by car or motorbike, because walking it is much more difficult and risky. In fact, there is no cycle / pedestrian track and the road - dedicated to cars - is very narrow in itself.
The driver unfortunately cannot fully enjoy the beauty of the views, because he must pay attention to other cars, but also to the curves, tunnels, bridges and all sorts of bottlenecks, with hairpin bends that are very narrow at times. 

It is recommended to maintain a moderate speed, both to drive safely and to be able to enjoy what the landscape offers. 
At halfway there is an alternating two-way point regulated by two traffic lights, but it is advisable to be careful because they are not always on. At the end of this stretch - which is unquestionably the most beautiful part of the entire road - you can park your car and walk the road backwards, in order to better admire the magnificence of the place and take some photos. 

An almost obligatory stop at the end of the Forra road is what is called the "terrace of thrill", an overhanging terrace, from which it is possible to admire Lake Garda from a height of 350 meters

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Via Benaco, 25010, Tremosine, BS

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