Olive Oil Museum

Olive Oil Museum

Via Peschiera, 37011, Bardolino, VR


The olive oil museum is in Cisano, a small fraction of Bardolino overlooking the Verona-shores of Lake Garda.
It's a private exhibition founded in 1988 by the family Turri, owner of the oil factory in Cisano. The intent of this exhibition to the public has always been to spread the culture related to oil production as much as possible, keeping track of what has been its evolution over time. It is the first museum of its kind founded in our country, known in Italy and in Europe thanks to the numerous articles published in the newspapers and to the television services that have spoken about it widely. 

50,000 people visit it annually and it is free: you can freely walk inside its rooms. A guide instead must accompany groups; the service is for payment.


Ancient tools and videos to discover the oil history

Inside the museum of Cisano there are several ancient tools used in the past in the oil mills between 1700 and the beginning of 1900. Among the most important tools we recommend the lever press made of oak wood, an olive-press still fully functional set in motion by a water-driven wheel and other original examples of presses. To understand better everything you will find within the visit path, you can use a guide, available in different languages. Furthermore, inside the museum, there are interactive areas equipped with videos and educational panels, which will help you discover the various stages of oil production and explain the different uses of the exposed instruments. Thanks to the videos, you can also learn about the history of olive oil cultivation since the Greek colonies in Sicily in the 7th century BC, discovering its subsequent diffusion in the Mediterranean until the arrival on Lake Garda, presumably at Roman Time.

At the end of the visit - which lasts about an hour - you can have a tasting of Turri oil, available for purchase in the attached store. In the shop, you will find different types of extra virgin olive oil, along with many other delicious products that use it in their preparations. 

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Via Peschiera, 37011, Bardolino, VR

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