Wine Museum

Wine Museum

Via Costabella, 9, 37011, Bardolino, VR +39 +390457210022


The wine museum is located on top of a hill in the locality Costabella of Bardolino, on the Verona-side of Lake Garda. This museum was founded 1991 by family Zeni, since 1870 passionate wine producer.
This well-known gardesana winery has decided to create this interesting exhibition to preserve the historical memory of the wine culture, showing off the ancient equipment.


Visit itinerary

This visit itinerary takes about 15 minutes and includes 5 thematic areas ranging from the vine cultivation to the wine production, passing through the various stages of grape processing. In these first 3 sections you can admire different tools used in the past by winemakers. Among these are a weigher used for the harvested grapes and two ancient crushing plants: a mechanic one of the early 1900 and a manual one, dating back to the medieval era. 

Other tools that deserve to be admired are the two ancient wagons used for the grape transport, an ancient press and a medieval corker made entirely of wood. The museum continues with the last two sections: one is dedicated to the cooper's tools, while the second one tells us about the origins of the art of winemaking. We would like to point out in particular the presence of a 15th century pressing complex used to squeeze the marc, from which was obtained a lower quality wine.

The entrance to the Bardolino wine museum is free for visitors, up to small groups of 10 people. 


Wine tasting and purchase

At the end of the tour, you can stop for a free tasting of the wines produced by the Zeni winery and with a small contribution you can also try their selection of excellent wines. 

It doesn't matter if you are an expert or simply an enthusiast: thanks to the staff experience you will have the opportunity to discover the characteristics of the different products, asking for advice on wines that could be closer to your taste.
For a small fee, you can also access an olfactory gallery, which will involve you with olfactory memory games and allow you to taste some wines in combination with gourmet finger food.
The visit ends in the Zeni family shop, where you will have the opportunity to buy the wines that you liked the most during the visit.

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Via Costabella, 9, 37011, Bardolino, VR +39 +390457210022

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